UK Food Safety Standard Earns Global Adoption

Based in Baytown, Texas, Honey Holding, Ltd. I operates Honey Solution, a premier US supplier of industrial honey. Honey Holding has earned Global Food Safety Institute (GFSI) certification, under the British Retail Consortium (BRC) standard. Originally established in the United Kingdom, the BRC standard has earned recognition as a global food safety standard.

Today, there are more than 17,000 BRC-certified sites throughout the world, along with BRC certification organizations in 90 countries. As consumer demand for safe and high-quality food grows, many retailers insist that their suppliers receive certification under a GFSI standard such as BRC. Achieving BRC certification demonstrates to retailers and consumers that the supplier maintains focus on continuous product quality improvements.

Before making a BRC application, organizations should understand all the steps required to secure BRC certification. Comprehensive preparation and a high-quality application are critical for success. All organizations that desire to become BRC-certified must acquire a copy of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and may also wish to purchase BRC’s Interpretation Guideline for BRC Food Safety Standard.


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