USDA Establishes Standards for Grading Honey

Texas-based Honey Holding Ltd, which does business as Honey Solutions, aims to provide a continuous supply of top-quality honey to the commercial food industry in the United States. All of Honey Holding’s honey undergoes stringent testing and processing to ensure it meets U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Grade A standards for honey. The USDA has published detailed guidance for evaluating and grading extracted honey.

By definition, extracted honey is honey that has undergone complete separation from the honeycomb. After extraction and processing, honey can be in a liquid form, a crystallized form with solid granules, or a partially-crystalized form that is a mix of liquid and crystal honey. To receive a Grade A rating, honey in any form must be practically free of defects and have a good flavor or aroma. In addition, Grade A honey must be clear and should not contain any bubbles that mar its appearance.

During the grading process, inspectors take note of the honey’s form and color. Inspectors also note the floral sources of the honey, either based on attestation by the producer or packer or through the inspector’s ability to identify floral sources in a sample of honey.


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