New Verification Mark Recognizes Waste Reduction Efforts

As one of the most prominent industrial honey processors in America, Honey Holding (dba Honey Solutions) provides honey to food processors and baking enterprises around the nation. Honey Holding, which is based in Baytown, Texas, also works to reduce its environmental impact and waste by relying on reusable packing materials that clients return to the company.

According to a recent press release from NSF International, businesses in the food industry can now gain recognition for waste reduction efforts through the new NSF International Guideline 445: Landfill-Free Verification, which offers a framework for analyzing a company’s waste management practices. Companies that demonstrate sustainable waste management will be able to use the NSF International “Landfill-Free Facility” verification mark to communicate their efforts to stakeholders, employees, and consumers.

To receive the verification, companies must implement and maintain a number of waste management practices, including training programs and documentation and tracking processes. NSF International explains that the verification helps companies publicize sustainability efforts that are substantiated by an independent third party.


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