A Sampling of Honey’s Significance in World Cultures

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Honey Solutions
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Honey Holding, an industrial honey supplier operating in Baytown, Texas, harvests honey at its locations in Texas and Louisiana and also imports honey from around the world. By producing and distributing more than 20 million pounds of honey annually, Honey Holding provides a food that has played a long and significant role in human culture.

In the western world, the Judeo-Christian significance of honey is likely to be the most familiar, thanks to the phrase “land of milk and honey,” referring to the promised land of the ancient Hebrews after their escape from Egypt. Even today, one tradition related to the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah is eating apple pieces dipped in honey.

Honey has been used to represent lifelong happiness in the celebrations of many societies. Modern Iranian wedding ceremonies include the bride and groom sharing a drink that is often sweetened with honey. For the Yoruba of western Africa, honey symbolizes good fortune and prosperity when it is presented to newborn children at their naming ceremonies.